Getting into tech: Learning how to write codes


I searched for job opportunities online and came across a small company seeking an entry-level developer who was eager to learn to code. I felt that this could be the chance I had been waiting for and applied right away. Luckily, I received an interview invitation. Their office was quite small, about 20sqm, with open … Read moreGetting into tech: Learning how to write codes

Getting into tech: Coding for a shipping line


After finishing college, my first job was as a PHP programmer for a shipping company. The company specialized in shipping cargo and container vans across the Visayas region of the Philippines and had a small office team and a number of on-ground employees. We were brought in to create a website for the shipping company, … Read moreGetting into tech: Coding for a shipping line

Getting into tech: Fresh out of college


Our upbringing has instilled in us the importance of pursuing a college education, achieving good grades, graduating, finding a job, and avoiding gaps in our employment history. In keeping with this philosophy, I followed a similar path after earning my degree, remaining in the city to seek out job opportunities similar to those pursued by … Read moreGetting into tech: Fresh out of college

Hello Post!

I am excited to share that this is my first post here and I am thrilled that I finally have time to work on this website. lols! My goal is to share my knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics, including coding (because well, I work as a developer so it makes sense, right?), … Read moreHello Post!